Among the first Dutch black metal bands in the early nineties, Countess have always set themselves apart from other bands by a fierce loyalty to their old school influences. For two and a half decades, while fashions came and went, Countess stayed true to their vision and thus earned a worldwide cult status in the metal underground.

In spite of their sworn allegiance to metal orthodoxy, Countess have never shied from innovation. In 1994 they created the first black metal song with Dutch lyrics (Bloed In De Sneeuw) and in 1997 were among the first bands to take a rocking approach to the genre (Hell's Rock & Roll).

Over the course of 25 years and 15 full-length albums, Countess' sound has evolved from the raw black metal of the early releases towards a more traditional heavy metal-influenced style. The band's most recent offering, Fires Of Destiny in 2016, being a powerful example of a seamless integration of heavy and black metal elements.

In 2014 the band returned to the stage after a long period of not having played live. Since then, Countess have performed impressive shows at numerous prestigious metal festivals in their own country, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Finland.

The core of Countess consists of long-time members Orlok (vocals, bass) and Zagan (guitars) who both have been involved with the project since the nineties. They were recently joined by Mortüüm (drums, 2015) and Häxa (keyboards, 2016) to complete what is probably the band's strongest formation to date.

July 30, 2016

'Fires Of Destiny' review round-up

It's been one month since the release of our new album and so far the response has been great; both from fans and critics. We therefore decided to publish a collection of some cool quotes from several reviews (with links to the full reviews).

"Fires of Destiny truly is a legacy worth talking about and Countess have earned all the bragging rights with this album with it being the culmination of over two decades of hard work and devotion coming to the excellent fruition that this piece is."
- Metal Addicts

"They always deliver and they will always be Countess, firm, loyal and strong-willed. So yes, I will recommend this album. It's different, it's vintage, it's varied and it rocks. What else could you possibly want?"
- Merchants of Air

"Fires Of Destiny is een lekker gevarieerd album geworden, bruut bij tijd en wijlen en ongekend melodieus."
- Rockmuzine

"Fires of Destiny is een lekkere pot ambachtelijke, rauwe midtempo oldskool black metal met prima gitaarwerk, af en toe Nederlandstalige teksten, en vooral heel veel respect voor het genre."
- Ragherrie

"To say that Fires Of Destiny is “Countess, but better” feels like an understated way of describing the album, but it’s also probably the most accurate description. The band aren’t really doing anything too different with their fifteenth album; but what they are doing is writing better quality, more varied, stirringly passionate songs in their own distinctive style."
- The Sound Not The Word

"Iedere Nederlandse blackmetalliefhebber met een hang naar het verleden kan zijn hart ophalen aan Fires Of Destiny en/of ze op een podium gaan aanschouwen. Doen!"
- Zware Metalen

"Hört man Fires Of Destiny ganz durch, so eröffnet sich ein Gesamtkonzept, das nicht besser hätte sein können. Zudem verstehen es die stellenweise hymnenhaft klingenden Songs, sich durch einen wirklich genialen Gesang bestechend auf den Hörer auszuwirken."
- Franconia Metallum

"The songs are simple and effective, showcasing the songwriting skills of the band. Countess know what they’re doing and clearly know how to do it very well indeed."
- Wonderbox Metal