June 03, 2016

New album 'Fires Of Destiny' out June 30

On June 30 we will release our long-awaited new full-length album, entitled ‘Fires Of Destiny'.
'Fires Of Destiny' is our fifteenth full-length and features ten tracks of uncompromising metal music, blending first wave Black Metal and traditional Heavy Metal in a way only Countess can.

The title 'Fires Of Destiny' references the bonfires lit on the Kahlenberg by the troops who came to the relief of Vienna when the city was under siege in 1683; the subject of the title track.

The new album marks the first appearance on a Countess release of our new drummer Mortüüm alongside veterans Orlok (vocals, bass) and Zagan (guitars). It is also the first Countess record in a decade to feature several songs in Dutch.

The album's full track list:

1. Runenlied                      
2. Fly The Battle Flag            
3. Fires Of Destiny                
4. Rise Of The Horned One  
5. Plague Upon The Pious    
6. Today Is A Good Day To Die
7. Choir Of The Valkyries
8. Treason Of Kings
9. See The Ravens Fly
10. Bard Van Het Verleden

The album will be available physically as a 6-panel digi-CD from our official Bandcamp store. It will also be made available digitally (iTunes, Spotify, etcetera).

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